genealogy of the Schwald-Bergh and Buck-Verdugo families
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San Jose, Alta California


Tree: 1. Schwald - WA-NY-OR-TX

City/Town : Latitude: 37.320052, Longitude: -121.877636


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ACEVES, Jose Maria  08 Sep 1777San Jose, Alta California I12359
2 ALBISO ALVISO, Domingo  4 Jan 1815San Jose, Alta California I21948
3 ALBISO ALVISO, Jose de Jesus  28 Mar 1819San Jose, Alta California I23728
4 ALBISO ALVISO, Jose Domingo  27 Mar 1813San Jose, Alta California I23727
5 ALBISO ALVISO, Jose Maria  8 Dec 1807San Jose, Alta California I23726
6 ALBISO ALVISO, Juan Ygnacio  23 Nov 1821San Jose, Alta California I21787
7 ALTAMIRANO, Jose Sr.  Abt. 1819San Jose, Alta California I25932
8 ALTAMIRANO, Jose Andres Avelino  10 Apr 1820San Jose, Alta California I25944
9 ALTAMIRANO, Luis  Abt. 1801San Jose, Alta California I14652
10 ALTAMIRANO, Maria Loreta  San Jose, Alta California I15170
11 ALTAMIRANO, Maria Marcelina  22 Jun 1818San Jose, Alta California I25943
12 ALVARADO, Jose Felipe de Jesus  22 Aug 1827San Jose, Alta California I13824
13 ALVIREZ, Antonia Josefa Guadalupe  28 Jun 1799San Jose, Alta California I23751
14 ALVIREZ, Brigida Maria  7 Oct 1785San Jose, Alta California I22020
15 ALVIREZ, Estevan de los Angeles  1 Aug 1792San Jose, Alta California I23748
16 ALVIREZ, Jacoba Maria  25 Jul 1790San Jose, Alta California I23747
17 ALVIREZ, Jose Manuel  26 Mar 1795San Jose, Alta California I23749
18 ALVIREZ, Joseph de los Angeles  21 Jun 1782San Jose, Alta California I22010
19 ALVIREZ, Josepha Petronila  30 May 1784San Jose, Alta California I22011
20 ALVIREZ, Juan  13 Mar 1788San Jose, Alta California I23746
21 ALVIREZ, Juana  Abt. Jan 1798San Jose, Alta California I23750
22 AMESQUITA AMEZQUITA, Barbara Francisca  04 Dec 1793San Jose, Alta California I13193
23 AMESQUITA AMEZQUITA, Jose "Salvador"  30 Dec 1788San Jose, Alta California I18578
24 AMESQUITA AMEZQUITA, Jose Maria de Gracia  11 Feb 1796San Jose, Alta California I18582
25 AMESQUITA AMEZQUITA, Jose Serafin  3 Sep 1780San Jose, Alta California I18577
26 AMESQUITA AMEZQUITA, Juan Jose  24 Jul 1797San Jose, Alta California I18583
27 AMESQUITA AMEZQUITA, Juana Dorotea de Gracia  5 Feb 1803San Jose, Alta California I18584
28 AMESQUITA AMEZQUITA, Juana Maria Anselma  20 Apr 1780San Jose, Alta California I14396
29 AMESQUITA AMEZQUITA, Maria Antonia  Abt. Sep 1791San Jose, Alta California I14428
30 AMESQUITA AMEZQUITA, Maria Guadalupe  11 Dec 1782San Jose, Alta California I18581
31 AMESQUITA AMEZQUITA, Ramon Lazaro  09 Aug 1799San Jose, Alta California I15606
32 ARCHULETA, Francisco Solano  14 Jan 1834San Jose, Alta California I17558
33 ARCHULETA, Jose Antonio  22 Apr 1824San Jose, Alta California I17554
34 ARCHULETA, Jose Apolinario  21 Jul 1787San Jose, Alta California I17578
35 ARCHULETA, Jose Blas  2 Feb 1827San Jose, Alta California I17555
36 ARCHULETA, Jose Florentino  31 May 1784San Jose, Alta California I17576
37 ARCHULETA, Jose Gregorio  9 May 1782San Jose, Alta California I17575
38 ARCHULETA, Jose Norberto  5 Jun 1778San Jose, Alta California I17553
39 ARCHULETA, Juan Jose Serafin  13 Nov 1785San Jose, Alta California I17577
40 ARCHULETA, Manuel Gregorio  23 Apr 1835San Jose, Alta California I17559
41 ARCHULETA, Maria de la Luz  5 Mar 1831San Jose, Alta California I17557
42 ARCHULETA, Maria Dolores  27 Mar 1828San Jose, Alta California I17556
43 ARCHULETA, Petra Maria  17 Jan 1781San Jose, Alta California I17574
44 ARNAZ, Virginia Marcela  2 Jun 1849San Jose, Alta California I24152
45 ARRELLANO, Maria Rosalia  16 Dec 1784San Jose, Alta California I12398
46 BALLESTEROS, Jose Francisco Antonio  17 Dec 1798San Jose, Alta California I23366
47 BASUALDO, Maria Tomaida Lugarda de San Jose  18 Mar 1829San Jose, Alta California I13540
48 BENAVIDES, Joaquin de los Angeles  30 Aug 1836San Jose, Alta California I17538
49 BENAVIDES, Jose Saturnino Conrado  26 Nov 1840San Jose, Alta California I17540
50 BENAVIDES, Maria Andrea Magdalena de Jesus  3 Jun 1842San Jose, Alta California I17541

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ACEVES, Jose Maria  Jan 1819San Jose, Alta California I12359
2 ACEVES, Josef Antonio  Abt. 9 Jul 1817San Jose, Alta California I10439
3 ACEVES, Maria Gertrudis  Jul 1846San Jose, Alta California I12352
4 ACEVES, Pablo  Jan 1803San Jose, Alta California I12357
5 AGUILA, Felipe Sinforiano  Abt. 24 Jan 1849San Jose, Alta California I25465
6 AGUILA, Jose "Vicente"  18 Aug 1822San Jose, Alta California I18758
7 ALBISO ALVISO, Anastasio Geronimo Pedro Martir  Abt. 25 Sep 1846San Jose, Alta California I25936
8 ALBISO ALVISO, Domingo  Abt. 4 Feb 1847San Jose, Alta California I21948
9 ALBISO ALVISO, Jose Antonio Ygnacio  28 Jun 1805San Jose, Alta California I23722
10 ALBISO ALVISO, Jose de Jesus  9 Feb 1823San Jose, Alta California I23728
11 ALBISO ALVISO, Jose Domingo  24 Jun 1814San Jose, Alta California I23727
12 ALBISO ALVISO, Manuel Francisco de Paula  11 Oct 1831San Jose, Alta California I23723
13 ALEGRE, Antonio Maria  24 Sep 1800San Jose, Alta California I18605
14 ALTAMIRANO, Lucas Domingo  23 Dec 1821San Jose, Alta California I12033
15 ALTAMIRANO, Maria Antonia  27 Dec 1841San Jose, Alta California I25935
16 ALTAMIRANO, Maria Marcelina  27 Dec 1822San Jose, Alta California I25943
17 ALTAMIRANO, Salvador  18 Sep 1824San Jose, Alta California I25942
18 ALVIREZ, Antonia Josefa Guadalupe  15 Sep 1807San Jose, Alta California I23751
19 ALVIREZ, Joseph de los Angeles  3 Jun 1792San Jose, Alta California I22010
20 ALVIREZ, Josepha Petronila  23 Nov 1784San Jose, Alta California I22011
21 AMADOR, Pedro Antonio  10 Apr 1824San Jose, Alta California I12498
22 AMESQUITA AMEZQUITA, Jose Maria de Gracia  28 Jun 1807San Jose, Alta California I18582
23 AMESQUITA AMEZQUITA, Juan Antonio  Mar 1818San Jose, Alta California I11958
24 AMESQUITA AMEZQUITA, Maria Guadalupe  Abt. 28 Jan 1783San Jose, Alta California I18581
25 AMESQUITA AMEZQUITA, Petra Regalada  Aug 1821San Jose, Alta California I12376
26 AMESQUITA AMEZQUITA, Salvador "Manuel" Francisco  Jul 1806San Jose, Alta California I11086
27 ARCHULETA, Jose Apolinario  4 Aug 1787San Jose, Alta California I17578
28 ARCHULETA, Jose Blas  27 Mar 1828San Jose, Alta California I17555
29 ARCHULETA, Jose Florentino  Abt. 17 Feb 1848San Jose, Alta California I17576
30 ARCHULETA, Jose Gregorio  Abt. 26 Feb 1802San Jose, Alta California I17575
31 ARCHULETA, Manuel Gregorio  Abt. 29 Apr 1835San Jose, Alta California I17559
32 ARCHULETA, Maria Rosa  Abt. 11 Jan 1848San Jose, Alta California I17563
33 ARELLANES, Juan Mariano Ramirez  05 Jan 1786San Jose, Alta California I12397
34 BALLESTEROS, Jose Francisco Antonio  12 Jul 1799San Jose, Alta California I23366
35 BALLESTEROS, Joseph Maria Serafino  5 Nov 1789San Jose, Alta California I23362
36 BENAVIDES, Joaquin de los Angeles  26 Feb 1840San Jose, Alta California I17538
37 BENAVIDES, Maria Natividad Antonia  Abt. 10 Mar 1838San Jose, Alta California I17536
38 BERNAL, Felipe Santiago  1 May 1841San Jose, Alta California I22663
39 BERNAL, Jose "Dionisio"  21 Jul 1828San Jose, Alta California I12461
40 BERNAL, Margarita  24 Jul 1828San Jose, Alta California I12392
41 BERNAL, Maria Antonia "Marcelina"  6 Apr1832San Jose, Alta California I21944
42 BERNAL, Maria del Carmen Faustina  18 Apr 1840San Jose, Alta California I21974
43 BERNAL, Maria del Refugio  Abt. 24 Apr 1849San Jose, Alta California I22667
44 BERNAL, Maria Teresa De Jesus  17 Apr 1830San Jose, Alta California I12463
45 BERREYESA, Antonio Maria  9 Oct 1828San Jose, Alta California I21760
46 BOJORQUEZ, Ana Maria  11 Jul 1826San Jose, Alta California I12583
47 BOJORQUEZ, Hermenegildo Ygnacio  30 May 1807San Jose, Alta California I12489
48 BOJORQUEZ, Jose Ygnacio de Jesus  Abt. 15 Jul 1847San Jose, Alta California I21844
49 BOJORQUEZ, Maria Josefa Justina  20 Sep 1812San Jose, Alta California I21843
50 BOJORQUEZ, Ramon  08 May 1822San Jose, Alta California I11157

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 ACEVES, Jose Antonio  1790San Jose, Alta California I12358
2 ACEVES, Jose Maria  1790San Jose, Alta California I12359
3 ACEVES, Maria Gertrudis  1790San Jose, Alta California I12352
4 ACEVES, Maria Petra  Nov 1777San Jose, Alta California I10436
5 ALEGRE, Antonio Maria  1790San Jose, Alta California I18605
6 ALEGRE, Maria "Vicenta" Anasthasia  1790San Jose, Alta California I18604
7 AMESQUITA AMEZQUITA, Buenaventura "Ventura"  1790San Jose, Alta California I11085
8 AMESQUITA AMEZQUITA, Cesaria "Agustina"  1790San Jose, Alta California I12037
9 AMESQUITA AMEZQUITA, Jose "Salvador"  1790San Jose, Alta California I18578
10 AMESQUITA AMEZQUITA, Jose Serafin  1790San Jose, Alta California I18577
11 AMESQUITA AMEZQUITA, Joseph Gabriel  1777San Jose, Alta California I11961
12 AMESQUITA AMEZQUITA, Joseph Gabriel  1790San Jose, Alta California I11961
13 AMESQUITA AMEZQUITA, Salvador "Manuel" Francisco  1777San Jose, Alta California I11086
14 AMESQUITA AMEZQUITA, Salvador "Manuel" Francisco  1790San Jose, Alta California I11086
15 ARCHULETA, Jose Florentino  1790San Jose, Alta California I17576
16 ARCHULETA, Jose Gregorio  1790San Jose, Alta California I17575
17 ARCHULETA, Juan Jose Serafin  1790San Jose, Alta California I17577
18 ARCHULETA, Miguel Geronimo  1790San Jose, Alta California I17573
19 ARCHULETA, Petra Maria  1790San Jose, Alta California I17574
20 ARCHULETA, Ygnacio  1777San Jose, Alta California I17571
21 ARCHULETA, Ygnacio  1790San Jose, Alta California I17571
22 AVILA, Francisco  1790San Jose, Alta California I25426
23 AVILA, Francisco Xavier  1790San Jose, Alta California I25966
24 BOJORQUEZ, Bartolome Francisco  1790San Jose, Alta California I12487
25 BOJORQUEZ, Hermenegildo Ygnacio  1790San Jose, Alta California I12489
26 BOJORQUEZ, Juan Jose  1790San Jose, Alta California I12488
27 BOJORQUEZ, Maria Antonia  1790San Jose, Alta California I12477
28 BOJORQUEZ, Maria Gertrudis  Nov 1777San Jose, Alta California I11153
29 BOJORQUEZ, Pedro Antonio  1790San Jose, Alta California I11971
30 CARDENAS, Juana Maria  1777San Jose, Alta California I12072
31 CASTRO, Carlos Antonio  1777San Jose, Alta California I11543
32 CASTRO, Carlos Antonio  1790San Jose, Alta California I11543
33 CASTRO, Francisco Marcos  1777San Jose, Alta California I10441
34 CASTRO, Francisco Maria  1777San Jose, Alta California I12346
35 CASTRO, Francisco Maria  1790San Jose, Alta California I12346
36 CASTRO, Jose "Joaquin"  1777San Jose, Alta California I12492
37 CASTRO, Jose Mariano  1777San Jose, Alta California I09797
38 CASTRO, Maria Encarnacion  1777San Jose, Alta California I12493
39 GONZALEZ, Ana Maria  1777San Jose, Alta California I12365
40 GONZALEZ, Jose Francisco "Faustino"  1777San Jose, Alta California I12363
41 GONZALEZ, Jose Francisco "Faustino"  1790San Jose, Alta California I12363
42 GONZALEZ, Jose Romualdo  1790San Jose, Alta California I12375
43 GONZALEZ, Jose" Manuel"  1777San Jose, Alta California I12353
44 GONZALEZ, Jose" Manuel"  1790San Jose, Alta California I12353
45 GONZALEZ, Juan Jose  1777San Jose, Alta California I12361
46 GONZALEZ, Juan Jose  29 Nov 1777San Jose, Alta California I12361
47 GONZALEZ, Maria Gregoria  1777San Jose, Alta California I12364
48 GONZALEZ, Rosalino "Ramon"  1777San Jose, Alta California I12362
49 HERNANDEZ ARROYO, Maria Graciana  1790San Jose, Alta California I11087
50 INDIA, Cathalina Maria Islas  1790San Jose, Alta California I18606

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Ethnicity    Person ID 
1 INDIO, Alexandro Musico  14 May 1801San Jose, Alta California I14743


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 ACEVES, Maria Petra  29 Nov 1777San Jose, Alta California I10436
2 AMESQUITA AMEZQUITA, Joseph Gabriel  28 Nov 1777San Jose, Alta California I11961
3 AMESQUITA AMEZQUITA, Salvador "Manuel" Francisco  28 Nov 1777San Jose, Alta California I11086
4 ARCHULETA, Ygnacio  29 Nov 1777San Jose, Alta California I17571
5 BOJORQUEZ, Maria Antonia  28 Nov 1777San Jose, Alta California I12477
6 BOJORQUEZ, Maria Gertrudis  28 Nov 1777San Jose, Alta California I11153
7 CASTRO, Francisco Marcos  1776San Jose, Alta California I10441
8 GONZALEZ, Ana Maria  29 Nov 1777San Jose, Alta California I12365
9 GONZALEZ, Jose Francisco "Faustino"  29 Nov 1777San Jose, Alta California I12363
10 GONZALEZ, Jose" Manuel"  29 Nov 1777San Jose, Alta California I12353
11 GONZALEZ, Maria Gregoria  29 Nov 1777San Jose, Alta California I12364
12 GONZALEZ, Rosalino "Ramon"  29 Nov 1777San Jose, Alta California I12362
13 JUAREZ LORENZANA, Jose Maria "Macedonio"  8 Jun 1816San Jose, Alta California I15328
14 MESA, Jose Antonio  21 Nov 1795San Jose, Alta California I14450
15 PACHECO, Ygnacia "Gertrudis"  29 Nov 1777San Jose, Alta California I17572
16 PENA, Jose Maria Manuel Zeferino Lorenzana  5 Dec 1831San Jose, Alta California I21688
17 ROMERO, Jose Antonio  29 Nov 1777San Jose, Alta California I10435
18 RUIZ BOJORQUEZ, Maria Micaela  29 Nov 1777San Jose, Alta California I12354
19 SINOBA SINOVA, Jose Francisco  29 Nov 1777San Jose, Alta California I11152
20 VASQUEZ, Jose Tiburcio  29 Nov 1777San Jose, Alta California I12478
21 VASQUEZ, Maria Ygnacia Remigia  28 Nov 1777San Jose, Alta California I18757
22 VILLELA, Juan Manuel "Marcos"  28 Nov 1777San Jose, Alta California I21724


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 SAENZ SAEZ, Justo Nazario  1790San Jose, Alta California I10808


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 INDIO / INDIA  San Jose, Alta California F4861